Voices of the Fotomarathon

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Many participants have expressed their enthusiasm about participating in the Fotomarathon, via Twitter and Facebook or by writing in their own blogs. We want to capture your enthusiasm with your voices and have started to collect your opinions on audio as welll -using social audio platform Soundcloud

We collect your impressions, stories, wishes, thoughts and comments about participating in the Fotomarathon in short segments of less than 1 minute. These are shared as well via Twitter, Facebook and now they have a place on this website.

You will hear from participants and winners, Berliners and visitors from Germany and abroad, and visitors to the exhibition.

Check them out below or go to the Fotomarathon Soundcloud page. You can also leave us a message there and share how you spent the day, what you liked best, or perhaps tips for future participants! https://soundcloud.com/fotomarathon

Viel Spaß!