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Ticket+EN_Neutral_10328420_XS_© ButchThe next Fotomarathon takes place on 101 June 2017 but someone can already enjoy the anticipation of participating.

You can give away a ticket to the next Fotomarathon -your photo enthusiastic friends will enjoy a full day of photographic fun!

This is how the gift voucher order works:

  1.  You send us an email to with following information:
    • Participant’s information: Full name, email address and phone number. After the participant registers, the recipient will receive periodic updates about the Fotomarathon -not before.
    • Your name and email.
  2. You pay EUR 33 via Bank transfer. Payment via bank transfer always takes a couple of days, but we will do our best to send it quickly. Here are our bank details:
    • Account Holder: Verein für Ereignisse e.V
    • Account Number: 1114963600 BLZ: 43060967
    • IBAN: DE88 4306 0967 1114 9636 00
    • Reference: FMVoucher +NAME (Recipient of the Gift Voucher)
  3.  As soon as the money arrives in our account, we will send you a PDF version of the Gift voucher.
  4.  You can print this at home, and include your own personalised message to the happy recipient.

A surprise is always a surprise

The recipient will only receive messages from the Fotomarathon after he or she registers for the event -until then, you can rest assured that your gift will remain a surprise!.

Drop us a line at and let us help you make someone happy!