Fri 22. September 2017

Pictures of the Fotomarathon exhibition at NABU in Rührstädt

22. September 2017|Exhibition, General, Mini-Fotomarathon, Partners, Photomarathon, Winners|

They’re hanging, they’re hanging, and they’re still hanging! Remember how the winning photos of the spring Mini Fotomarathon in the Rührstädt NABU visitor centre were presented? Well the exhibition is still there and visitors are still enjoying and even photographing them. We went to have a look and are proud of our great participants. Only the storks were gone. Have a look for yourself.






Sat 1. July 2017

Look good with MOO!

1. July 2017|Exhibition, Partners|

15% OFF MOO FotomarathonMOO has been supporting the Berlin Fotomarathon since 2008 and we are very happy to welcome them again as partners. The lucky winners will enjoy gift vouchers from MOO to create printed products and promote and share their photos or their businesses. For everyone else, MOO is offering a special discount.

MOO  is a digital design and print company, whose mission is to make businesses of all sizes look their very best.

MOO provides hundreds of professional design templates created by their in-house team – easily customisable with […]

Sat 13. May 2017

Between storks and rivers -Mini-Fotomarathon in the Prignitz region

13. May 2017|Mini-Fotomarathon, Partners, Winners|

Wir gratulieren allen Teilnehmern zu ihrer tollen Leistung beim Mini-Fotomarathon am 29. April in Rühstädt. Wir haben unsere kleine Fotomarathon Variante erstmalig außerhalb Berlins ausgetragen, in der naturverwöhnten Prignitz. Von dem durchwachsenen Wetter haben sich unsere Teilnehmer nicht abschrecken lassen und sich auf den Weg nach Rühstädt gemacht, wo uns die Störche schon mit klappernden Schnäbeln empfangen haben. Los ging´s beim NABU-Infozentrum (hier noch mal vielen Dank für die Kooperation an Nadine Bauer) mit der Themenvergabe. Dieses Mal wurde dazu aufgefordert, urbane Identitätsmuster im ländlichen Raum zu suchen. Der Leitspruch „Stadtluft macht frei“ […]

Wed 1. June 2016

Spend the Fotomarathon day with a 360° Ball Camera

1. June 2016|General, News, Partners, Photomarathon, Registration|

PANONO_BACK_DETAIL_FOR WEB_klein_ausschnittOur partner PANONO is making three cameras available for Fotomarathon participants to take photos during the Fotomarathon day -whether in the 12 or 24 hour version.

Whether you focus on big landscapes, group photos or fun selfies -everything is possible.  The Panono ball camera is used by mounting it on a stick or a tripod, and is controlled via an app, which works on iOS -requiring an iPhone to manage it. With good light and weather conditions, you can even throw it in the air (make sure you catch it, though!) and it will […]

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