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This year we are offering an interesting programme of workshops: vintage and analogue portraits, studio portraits with professional lighting, as well as a cyanotopie workshop (developing photos with the light of the sun) in XXXL format. In line with our 2017 Motto “Everything Flows” and in cooperation with our partner Basis.wissen.schafft. eV, as part of the 2017 Year of Seas and Oceans, our partner is offering a workshop on environmental monitoring -including photo documentation- and open data. Check out all about the workshops here.

We will also welcome you with a cozy bar with delicious self-made organic lemonade, coffee and tea, aromatic waffles and other home made culinary delights. Keep an eye out for the bar!


Location: Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei, Köpenickerstraße 16-17, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Dates: Saturday 29 and Sunday 30th, July 2017

Opening Hours:
Saturday 12:00-20:00 Uhr, awards ceremony 18:00 Uhr
Sunday 12:00-20:00 Uhr (after 18.00 participants can come to pick up their photo series)

Admission: 4 EUR, reduced 3 EUR
Free admission for officially registered Fotomarathon participants, if they present their starting number or bring ID. Friends, team members and family need to buy a ticket.

Find more information about the exhibition here.



Portrait Photography with Alexander Platz


Start: 29.07.2017 from 13:00 h & 30.07.2017 from 12.00 Uhr

Registration via email to: Alexander_Platz_Fotograf@gmx.de.


We are pleased to welcome the photographer Alexander Platz as workshop leader for both days of the exhibition. He will show the ropes of studio portrait photography. He will be supported by the Based model and performance artist Sana Sakura. One of the main focus points will be the flexible work with models in movement.

We thank our long standing partner HENSEL (www.hensel.eu) for equiping the studio with professional lighting equipment.

Workshop fee: 40 € (Registration via Email needed, directly with the Workshop organiser)

As the workshops are part of the exhibition, participants will need to get a ticket for the exhibition. We offer a reduced fee for those attending the workshops,  at €3.

Fotomarathon participants who bring their Start number have free entry to the exhibition.



Analogue Vintage Portraits with Sabine Alex


Start: 29.07.2017 & 30.07.2017, ab 13:00 Uhr

Workshop fee: € 15 for each portrait.  No registration is needed -participants can show up on the day.


Just as in a “photo automat”, the visitors will be photographed on the site. The photo will be developed in the mobile dark room and the participants will take a black-and-white portrait home.

  • individual portraits with a big-format vintage camera
  • development in the mobile dark room
  • visitors get a unique analogue photo as a souvenir of the Fotomarathon Exhibition

Make it big -and blue: a life sized Cyanotopie Workshop with Andreas Kesberger  


Start: 29.07.2017, 14:00 h

Duration: circa 4 h

Workshop Fee: 39,90 € (Couples 75 ,00 €)

The Workshop is limited to 16 persons.

Registration via Email directly with andreas.kesberger@fotopioniere.com.


Summer, sun, cyano. Photography lives off the sun, and especially over the summer. It is possible to see how the sun develops an image with its power. In this workshop with Andreas Kesberger we will first work based on a black and white negative (please bring your own file) which will be printed and from this, we will create a blue Cyanotopie copy in fabric, in A4 format (22 x 29cm). But the story does not end there.

Make Cyanotypes great again.

We are as big as life. Thanks to a process based on contact, we will project the image to produce a Cyanotopie which will be 75 cm x 2.13m big. We will do this with elements which participants bring themselves, or using our own shadow.

If couples would like to create a couple-portrait, then we can create this in a textile piece which will be 1.5m wide and 2.13 m tall.

It will all be developed in an environmentally sound process, using water. Then, it will just need to be dried, folded and taken home.

The Internet of fishes  – Environmental Monitoring and Open Data 

Duration: Open. Participants can join at any time.

Participation Fee: Free. The event is offered by the non-profit association basis.wissen.schafft e.V.

What´s in the water when it flows out of the tap? Or what is in the water in the rivers or lakes?

During the first part of the workshop, participants will learn about the water cycles and its relevance for the environment. During the second half, they will show how to take water samples from the Spree river to discover what is in it. Participants will go in groups of 2-3 people to the water (or to a nearby aquaponic project) to determine what is in the water. Additionally, they will photograph the venue where the samples are taken to document the surrounding environment and locate it in GPS coordinates. These data will be published on OpenSenseMap, which will allow participants to learn about Open Data and Citizen Science.

The workshop is open, participants can join anytime and for as long as they can. Participants can also bring water from home to have it tested. To document the whole process, a mobile phone can do, but cameras are also OK.

The workshop is free to attend, as part of an Open-Data project and is offered by scientific experts from the non-profit association basis.wissen.schafft e.V. and is a part of the project #meerdavon, Berlin is on the North Sea in the framework of the 2017/2018 Science Year of Oceans and Seas.

The workshop takes place within the cooperation between basis.wissen.schafft e.V. and as a reference to the 2017 Theme “Everything Flows”.

You can read more here: www.basiswissenschafft.de and www.wissnet.de.

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