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Half Fotomarathon Berlin: 23.November 2019

6 hours, 6 photos and a lot of fun!

15 EUR. Registration open and limited to 50 participants.

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Foto Half-Marathon: 23.Nov.2019 Six hours – six photos!

Registration is open for the autumn half-fotomarathon in Berlin! Six hours, six photos. Since there was no Fotomarathon this summer, we thought a six hour event can offer fotomarathon enthusiasts and first timers a chance to get a chance to enjoy the fun of fotomarathon [...]

2019 Update

You haven't heard from us in a while. Today we are happy to inform you about the Fotomarathon 2019. The volunteer team of the Fotomarathon Berlin was quite exhausted after the many activities of the anniversary year 2018 and needed a break. For the year 2019, we have therefore [...]

14. June 2019|General|

Exhibition: European Month of Photography

The Berlin Fotomarathon tried focusing on a specific topic of contemporary history for the first time. The exhibition examines the tensions that have developed between the communist and victorious Western states, which are still visible sixty years on. The blockade of West Berlin, the resulting [...]

These are the 2018 Winning Series

On 25. August 2018 all the winners of the main and special prizes of the 2018 Summer Fotomarathon  received their awards and the prizes during the Exhibition at the Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei in Kreuzberg. The people's choice award was announced on Sunday and was given to 2 of the [...]

Exhibition Program on 25. and 26. August 2018

Workshops Pinhole Workshop with Laura Fiorio www.laurafiorio.com Laura Fiorio is an italian photographer and visual artist currently based in Berlin. She is founder of Pinhocchio and active in organising events linked to pinhole photography, with particular care on the topics of selfproduction, reuse and recycling. She studied fine arts and [...]

24. July 2018|Exhibition, News|

Missed registration: no problem!

We all live busy lives -but this should not be a problem. Just come to the start location next  Saturday 16.06 at 10.00 and we take it from there. Where: Die Mauer, Asisi Panorama, Friedrichstraße 205, (am Checkpoint Charlie), 10117 Berlin The ticket costs EUR 35 and can be [...]

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